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In today’s Weapons of Mass Creation talk, Co-Founder, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Go Media, Wilson Revehl is up to bat.

After leading Cleveland’s Go Media through its best worst year ever, Wilson Revehl packed up and took his talents to some beach in Florida. There he learned sand ruins laptops and sunburns smack of the apocalypse. This WMC, Wilson returns from South Florida to Cleveland. Unlike LeBron, he’s not rich, famous, tall or good at sports (or sports metaphors). But he has realized how to win in design and wants to share what it takes.

Wilson Revehl is the Co-Founder, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Go Media. He is a veteran Graphic Designer and Web Developer with an early career dating back to the .com bubble of the late nineties. He has been involved in hundreds of website and web application launches of all scales. Wilson’s expertise is in front-end and back-end development with a specialty in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and eCommerce. He is a WordPress enthusiast with countless plugins and customizations in the portfolio. Mr. Revehl manages our Amazon Cloud infrastructure, PCI Compliance and SaaS platforms. When not “sitting in front of the glowing box”, you can often find Wilson floating in the pool or on the water with his lovely wife and two kids. We think he was probably a manatee in a former life, or aspires to be one someday.

Enjoy Go Media’s Best Worst Year Ever: