PS Tutorial: Make your dog into the comic book hero he was meant to be (and free layer style)

Is your dog a super hero? Then follow along with our quick 10 step tutorial to turn the little guy or gal into a super pup! All you need is Photoshop and about 5 to 7 minutes – or, you can just download our free layer style and call it a day!

For our free download, scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Super Dog Comic Book PS Tutorial

Step 1. Open Your Photo in Photoshop.

Step 2. Convert your photo into a smart object and let’s go!

Step 3. Control L to adjust your layers. Adjust to darken your darks. Blacks to the 30 / 40 range.

Comic Book Vector Elements

Step 4. Now, let’s adjust our shadows and highlights to 15% a piece.


Step 5. Now, let’s have some fun with our Filter Gallery Options! First, Film Grain


First, let’s head to Filter > Artistic > Film Grain and apply the following –

Grain: 1 | Highlight Area: 1 | Intensity: 1

Step 6. Cutout


Next, let’s head to Filter > Artistic > Cutout

Number of Levels: 5 | Edge Simplicity: 5 | Edge Fidelity: 2

Then, double click on your layer 2 blending options for your cutout layer in order to select a 60% opacity for this layer

Step 7. Poster Edges


Next, let’s head to Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges, where you will select 2 all across the board. 

For your blending options, choose 40%.

Step 8. Color Halftones


Now, we’ll really achieve our comic book effect when we head into Filter > Pixelate > Color Halftone

We’ll change the max radius to 6 pixels and all channels to 70. Heading over to our layers panel, we’ll next opt to switch our mode to soft light and our opacity to 70%.

Step 9. Next, double click on your layer and choose “Stroke,” adding an inside stroke to the art. (I added a black stroke, sized 73 pixels).


Step 10. Add some Go Media Superhero vector elements and you’re done!

Comic Book Vector Elements


Free Download Comic Book Hero Layer Effect

Here you go, guys! Simply download our free comic book layer effect, double click on the layer as instructed to upload your own photo and poof! Comic book magic!

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