How to Use Our Vectors: Creating a Repeating Pattern in AI

Hey Arsenal Fans! Today we’ll be creating a repeating pattern using Vector Set 25, just released on our Arsenal.

Skill Level: Beginner
Requirements: Any of our vector packs and Adobe Illustrator

Step One: Open up a new document in Adobe Illustrator.

We sized ours 1270 x 770, the size of the hero shot shown above. In addition, open the vector pack you’ll be using for the pattern. We are using Justin Will’s zombie vectors.

Step Two: Arrange your vectors into a layout that is random in nature. Lay them in different directions and scale them to different sizes to achieve this effect.


Step Three: Right click (or CTRL + G) to group your vectors together.


Step Four: Copy and Paste your set, starting to develop your pattern. If needed, add individual elements in order to fill in empty spots.


Step Five: Group this larger segment. (Right click > Group (or CTRL + G)) Copy it and as above, fill in any missing spots again.




Step Six: Group and Copy / Paste until you have completed your full pattern!



Step Seven: Group your final design and you’re done!



Show us how you used your repeating patterns on a wallpaper, t-shirt, posters, etc. Leave a comment or tweet us @go_media!

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