Designer Face Off: Brittany Barnhart vs Cinder Design Co.

By heather sakai on Mar 22, 2016

Graphic Design Challenges: Designer Face Off In this version of Designer Face Off, we pit designer Brittany Barnhart of Just Curious Co. versus Michael Rivette and Christina Sharp of Cinder Design Co.

  • Tutorial: Creating Watercolor Brushes in AI

    By heather sakai on Mar 22, 2016

    How to Make Watercolor Brushes in Illustrator If you’re like us, you’ve got art laying all around the studio just begging to be used in unique and wonderful ways. Today, we’ll show you how to transform that art – specifically… […]

  • What’s New at Go Media’s Arsenal? Ep. 9: 3.16.2016

    By heather sakai on Mar 16, 2016

    Hey Arsenal Fans! We’ve got some great new releases for you this week! Check out our video for a quick debrief, including what you’ll get if you subscribe to our membership by Friday!

  • Design Firm Makeover: Lesson 5 – Common Mistakes

    By heather sakai on Mar 14, 2016

    Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make It’s Bill from Go Media again with your favorite 30 Day Design Firm Makeover Course. Last time we talked about making money. In today’s lesson we’re going to talk about some common mistakes we find ourselves making as… […]

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