Tales From Customer Support – Episode One (Freebies Inside)

Now that we’ve upgraded our customer support department, we’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback, questions, and suggestions. Some are just worth sharing. So, we’re starting a series called “Tales from Customer Support” where we’ll share some of those emails, chats, or calls.

This email was written by Arsenal Subscriber Brad Strickland, who wrote in regards to the swag he is owed for subscribing during our Design vs Cancer campaign. The swag was delayed more than we would have liked, as you will soon learn from the tone in Brad’s email. (Rightly so!)

(FYI: We received Brad’s permission to use both his email and name. Enjoy! Oh, and November subscribers, swag is in the mail!)


We used items from the following Arsenal Products to make this:


Download these freebies: 2 Textures for You!

2 comments on “Tales From Customer Support – Episode One (Freebies Inside)

  1. A sense of humor. I like it! Typographical errors, not so much. But I like the story and illustrations!

    • I think Brad’s stream of consciousness was hysterical. The email totally made my day. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by!