Designer Face Off: Katia Oloy vs James Hsu

In this version of Designer Face Off, we pit illustrator/concept artist Katia Oloy against designer/art director James Hsu. What makes this face off twice as fun is that these two are not only remarkably talented, but also a husband and wife team.

We filmed this intimate discussion on location at Creative South, the design conference we attended a week ago, where James and Katia served as speakers. And yes, their talk was as intriguing and charming as this face off is.


About Katia:

Katia Oloy is a Senior Concept Artist at Scopely, where she makes a point to draw on the whiteboard of every meeting room she is in. She specializes in illustration and character design and loves to hear and tell stories. She studied animation at The Art Institute of California, Los Angeles where she focused on 2D classes and was teacher’s assistant for life drawing classes which required a lot of demonstration drawing. Fresh out of college, she worked at Disney for 3 years, and was part of the art direction team for Disney’s It’s a Small World, the animated series and had several illustration sets featured on the Disney social media outlets and Disney blog: Oh My Disney. She has been fortunate to work with some of the top creatives in entertainment and is really enjoying working in the casual gaming, and mobile space. In her free time she drinks tea and continues to work on side projects.

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About James:

James Hsu wanted to become a cat when he grew up. When he found out that was not a thing, he began pursuing a career in design. With his background in graphic design, marketing, and art history he’s led design efforts on teams for Disney, Ubisoft, and Live Nation. He specializes in interactive design, and user experience. His time off is spent day dreaming about life as a cat, and surviving a zombie apocalypse. James is working on digital products as a Lead Visual Designer & Art Director at Walt Disney Studios and serves on the event programming committee for the AIGA Los Angeles chapter as series chair and unofficial VP of lunch.

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