Brush Strokes Textures, Volume 2

Brush Strokes Textures, Volume 2

Textures help us to add depth to our digital art, and to break away from their flat, clean, and precise origins.

In juxtaposition to this, “analog art” is made with pens, pencils, markers, brushes, and paint. With this pack and its sibling 1, Marketplace Artist Simon Birky Hartmann wanted to bring some of these basic analog art tools to the service of the digital. The goal was to make the mark of the paintbrush visible, almost tactile, in order to be felt in the digital art.

These nine textures have been hand-painted with acrylic or watercolor paint, on various paper kinds (canvas, bristol, heavy watercolor paper, etc.). They have been carefully scanned in at very high resolution (1,200 ppi and above), in order to output crisp pixels sized at 18″x24″ @ 300 ppi.

  • Nine (9) textures
  • Hand-painted
  • 5,400 x 7,200 pixels @ 300 ppi

Check out our blog, the ‘Zine for some tutorials to help you get started with your new textures:


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  • Download Size: 457 MB
  • File Type(s): jpeg
  • Number of Items: 9 textures

By: Simon Birky Hartmann

Designer, photographer, blogger, husband. USofA, France.