Michael Hinkle’s Sugar Skull Vector Pack

Michael Hinkle’s Sugar Skull Vector Pack

When we first thought to create a new skull vector pack, we thought we’d simply update some of our older stuff. Perhaps add a few new skulls, refresh them and polish them up like a shiny new pair of shoes.

After all, we have some great stuff and skulls never get old, now do they?

But here’s what happened – We reached out to some really great friends and kind of got carried away.

One of those incredibly talented folks was Michael Hinkle.

Michael created 12 brand new skulls for us, in a signature style that we absolutely adore, which is now available both here and in our Skull Mega Vector Pack. Our Skull Mega Vector Pack features not only Michael’s most excellent work, but also that of 6 other guest artists, for a total of 98 brand new skulls that will blow your mind, we promise.

Skull Mega Vector Pack – 98 Skulls, Only $35

Michael Hinkle’s Sugar Skull Vector Pack, available right here, will hook you up with:

  • 12 must-have vectors, only $9

Grab them now!

And don’t fail to hook yourself up with our other skulls while you’re at it!
(Please note, the skulls listed below are not included in this Skull Mega Vector Set, but you can pick them up for only $9 each on our Arsenal!) 


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  • Download Size: 7.08 MB
  • Number of Items: 12 skull vectors

By: Go Media

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