Adobe Illustrator 102 Video Tutorial: Illustration Using Vector Art

Adobe Illustrator 102 Video Tutorial:
How To Use Vector Art In Your Illustrations

This is it! Adobe Illustrator 102 is the Illustrator tutorial you’ve been waiting for and the illustrator tutorial Go Media President Bill Beachy has been yearning to make. Bill covered the very basics in Illustrator 101. He now gives you the tools to make some bad ass shit. The techniques taught in this tutorial form the backbone of how to illustrate using vector art. No hand drawing skills needed. Just dream it, and draw it.

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  • Adobe Illustrator 101 Video Tutorial – Learn Adobe Illustrator with this Adobe Illustrator Tutorial for Beginners! This is the very first in a series of video tutorials we will be producing for Adobe Illustrator. This first tutorial starts with the VERY BASICS. If you are opening Illustrator for the first time – this is the place to start! After we finish with the basics we will show you how to QUICKLY get into producing some professional quality designs.
  • Adobe Illustrator 103 Video Tutorial – In this installment you will learn how to infuse character into flat vector illustrations using textures, blurs, dropshadows and masking, how to modify type treatments and fonts using 3D bevel and extrude as well as how to add highlights and shadows to your vector art. In the first hour, watch as designer William Beachy, colorizes the artwork created in the Illustrator 102 Video Tutorial. Hours two through five, focus on designing and illustrating a t-shirt to create a super cool finished piece. Delve deeper into Adobe Illustrator and learn more in-depth skills and tools to create your own works of art!


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