Vector Illustration for Apparel Printing Tutorial

Vector Illustration for Apparel Printing Tutorial

Hey Apparel Designers!

This must-have apparel printing tutorial by artist, designer and Marketplace Artist Aaron Sechrist (aka OKPants) demonstrates how to create a vector illustration from a hand-drawn sketch using Adobe Illustrator.

You’ll be taken from inception through completion, resulting in an amazing t-shirt design. Learn how to add dimension to your vector illustration through shadowing, highlighting, and creating halftone patterns. The results will astound you and will hopefully inspire you to create your own t-shirt design.

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By: OkPants

My name's Aaron Sechrist aka OkPants (one word). I've been designing and illustrating for apparel, packaging, branding, broadcast and other projects for clients and agencies since 2002 after graduating from Cleveland Institute of Art.