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The Battle Is On!

Welcome to Designer Face Off, a series created here at Go Media’s Arsenal. Designer Face Off brings your favorite designers, creators and entrepreneurs together like never before. The rules are simple – in each rapid fire interview, challengers poise 2 to 3 questions to the other party. They, in turn, will respond to the questions asked of them. All of this is to be completed under 5 minutes, and no topic is off of the table!

Who’s up next?

Designer Face Off #1 Aaron Sechrist vs Oliver Barrett

Meet Aaron Sechrist, aka OkPants:

Aaron, OkPants, is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator who enjoys working on projects that pull from both disciplines under the moniker OkPants.  After cutting his teeth in various jobs in the music and publishing industries and yelling for various fruitless Cleveland-area DIY bands, he made the move to freelance and found happiness as well as actual income working with good people, creators and brands within the entertainment, music and apparel industry. His gig posters sleep with the Boss and Prince in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and he enjoys participating in art shows across the country. He also likes designing things for himself and sells them through the OkPants Webstore as well as through Made by Superior.

Meet Oliver Barrett:

Oliver is a former agency-guy who’s learned from several years of mistakes, panic, and triumphs that he might be onto something as a solo designer/illustrator/art-director/generic creative title.

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So, who’s going to win the social media battle? Show these fellas some love!

Learn more about OkPants on his Official Site, as well as his Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook | Instagram | Dribble | Shop

Learn more about Oliver on his Official Site, as well as his Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Dribbble


Who do you nominate for our next Design Face Off? Please leave a comment below!