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Christmas is not only the season to be jolly, but it’s also the best time of the year for you to up your sales and ensure that your marketing strategy is working effectively. There’s no better way to do this than by giving your company’s website a festive makeover. Even if you are just starting up your company, or perhaps you work for a larger corporation that needs some creative inspiration, remember that your site provides customers with a window into you products and services. If your website isn’t positioning your site effectively, then your sales and potential leads will suffer as a result. Worry not, however, you can make a few small changes across your site to make sure that this Christmas time your earnings remain sky high.

Here are ways to make your website stand out this holiday:

Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to use the magic of the Christmas period to truly let your imagination run wild – your customers will love you for it. From publishing some festive blog posts, to adding in a few seasonal references to your homepage, you should be making the most of the holiday to promote sales and push products that are your key earners. First, start by giving your site’s content a quick review. Remember to get rid of any dated or irrelevant content as this will be affecting your overall site user experience. Now you can start to create new festive articles and posts that truly inject some fun into your site. From logos to gifs, iconography and even imagery, if you are allowed to – then why not get creative? You are sure to see traffic increase as your customer base share your site with friends and family too.

Make sure you use social media

Sure you might be already, but is it complementing your site. An effective website and social media should go hand in hand and the chances are that if your traffic is down on social, your website will suffer. Make sure that you schedule regular posts and use social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook to let your followers know about any festive open days or events. From upcoming sports game tickets to flash sales, social media is a powerful tool. Make sure that you keep your content calendar running across the entire festive season too, as this will ensure optimal results.

Don’t be lazy

You might want to relax and unwind this Christmas but don’t let all that food and drink make you lazy! When it comes to making your website stand out, you should be posting, tweeting and checking content on a daily basis over the holiday season. Not to mention you will want to make sure that you are keeping ahead of your competitors. So if you thought that you were going to spend all season resting, then think again. If you truly want your website to stand out and reap rewards then you will need to make sure that you put the effort in.

Social media, fun festive content, and dedication are key to making your website stand out this Christmas.