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In today’s Design Tip of the Day, we’re creating DIY Watercolor Washes using a fun and easy method that results in completely one of a kind, abstract elements like some of the ones we just released in our Watercolors 3 Elements and Texture Pack. Want to see how we created them? Let’s go! Read More ›

In today’s design tip of the week, we’re going to play with making our exes disappear, as inspired by my viewing of External Sunshine of the Spotless Mind this past weekend. (Thank you Netflix!)

You’ll need:
– Photo of you and your ex
– Photoshop

STEP ONE: Give your phone to your best friend for the next few minutes (we’re tempting fate here, I know), then open your photo in Photoshop. Select the blur tool, and check the “Sample All Layers” box.

How to Remove a Subject from Photo in Photoshop

STEP TWO: Shift + Ctrl + N to add a new layer to your document.

How to Remove Subject from Photo in Photoshop

STEP THREE: Making sure that this layer is selected, use the blur tool to wipe away years of resentment.

How to Remove Subject from Photo in Photoshop

You’re done!